A 14-year-old girl left parent’s home join her Facebook boyfriend in Bayelsa

A 14-year-old girl left parent's home join her Facebook boyfriend in Bayelsa

Facebook Lovers as a 14-year-old girl fled her parents’ home and joined her boyfriend, 17-year-old in Biogbolo, Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State.

Although teenagers as been picked up by police and were paraded on Thursday at State Police Headquarters, Yenagoa, the state capital.

The 17-year-old is charged with harboring the underage SSS1 pupil for one month without her parents’ consent.

It was learned that the minor fled from their home because of alleged maltreatment by her stepmother.

The minor said she did not tell her parents but only left them a note.

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She admitted being with Age and having consensual sex with him as well as with his friend.

“I went to meet a friend I met on Facebook who resides at Onopa,” she said. “When he saw me with my bags, he was shocked. He asked why I was carrying my bags and what was going to happen. I told him I was going to stay with him for one week.

“He asked whether I was sure and whether my parents won’t look for me. I said no. We then went to book for a hotel where we stayed for three days and thereafter, we went to his friend. His friend carried me to Azikoro, where I have been staying for one month.

“I am 14. I slept with him and his friend for one month. They did not force me to have sex with them. I had sex with them intentionally.”

Age said, “I had small money on me and we booked a hotel room. My friend, Gospel, came to see me and we paid for the hotel room. I was with her in the hotel for two days before I went back home. I asked her to go home, that I did not have any money again. I did not know what transpired after that. I only had sex with her three times. From there, my friend, Gospel, took over.”

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