Actualization of the Republic of Biafra is imminent

'Proposed event attracts sympathy of Nnamdi Kanu agitation- Yoruba leaders

NNAMDI Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has promised his followers and supporters that the Republic of Biafra is imminent. He said Biafra will not know any corruption and iniquity.

In his broadcast on Sunday, May 24, Kanu said: “I am the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra the whole world all over, in over one hundred countries and territories all over this very planet earth. I lead this very divine movement I serve the children of Biafra and I will always serve you until Biafra come, which I know is imminent. That I can categorically assure you that Biafra is imminent, I will serve till the end of my time.

“We shall not know any corruption, iniquity shall never be our portion for Biafra is clean in the spirit. All we are waiting for is for the manifestation of that purity in the lives of men that inhabit this very earth, I speak with every authority. I speak with every command that we have been sent by heaven to propagate this very gospel and wherever you are I welcome you.

“We must pray, this very week we remember those who have gone before us, those who fought and died for us, those that sacrificed their life that we may live, those who made it possible for this very brave and unrelenting generation to preach the gospel of restoration. And I will pray in the language of heaven, the language of heaven is Igbo language of the ancient and that is how we acknowledge the presence of Elohim in our lives.

“We must proceed this very evening very quickly and without any hesitation to preach the gospel that we have been mandated to preach, the very reason that we were created, the very reason why Eze Sir Israel Okwu Kanu and my mother Ugo Eze Meme Okwu Kanu they are no longer with us today is because they have done their job, the same way that most of them that fought for us are no longer with us today they too have done their job, it is now left for us, who are in the land of the living to fulfill this very promise to accomplish this very purpose for which we are born,” he said.

Kanu criticised Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State for fencing Niger Bridge. “I will start this very evening by dissecting the character of an Igbo person and the reason why we are in the mess we are today. Before I came on air, I saw a very bitter side that the head bridge in Onitsha was being fenced off by the Anambra state governor. You are fencing off Anambra from your relatives in Asaba, Anioma, Aniocha as is used to be called, you are fencing off your people from Enugu, and you are fencing off your people from Imo.

“We got to where we are today due to complacency, due to the greed of an Igbo man, due to our selfishness, due to our crippling and debilitating individualism. We are where we are today because of a lack of foresight, because of our wickedness. That very gate, that very barrier should be built in Igbanke,  that very barrier should be built at the entrance into Biafraland, In Idoma, in Igede, it should be built-in Ogoja not for Anambra State to fence itself in.

“Before we had Anambra and Enugu, there was only one Anambra what could have happened then? There is a need for all the governors to coordinate their effort and treat the entire Biafraland as one unit, not all this subunit being created for us. There is something that those who are close to Obiano must advise him, that it is preferable for us to see all the governors working together and securing the entire borders of Biafraland because if we stop them in the lower Benue, they cannot come in into Anambra, if we stop them in Igbanke, Oshiomhole cannot allow them to pass through Beni and come into Biafraland.

“That is called foresightedness to be able to anticipate, to have a reasonable sense of judgment. But they don’t see very far all they are bothered about is to loot, all they are bothered about is to serve their masters in the north, and the resultant effect is a very worst way of thinking and a badly executed policy. And those barriers must come down, those barriers should be removed at the borders of Biafraland to allow people to travel, to interact seamlessly in Biafraland.”

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