American reacts as Donald Trump terminate all the China relationship

Donald Trump, the United States of America(USA), has officially announced new measures towards China and that of the United States will be terminating its relationship with the World Health Organisation, W.H.O.

In a swift reaction, Americans react as President Donald Trump terminate China relationship;

Miral Parker, said, “Mr. President, thank you for terminating our relationship with WHO!!! Another strong and very important step to protect the American people! I am just laughing about how stupid YouTube looks now after their recent announcement to delete ALL videos that don’t go with WHO guidelines! 😃¬†They are idiots!!!

Robert Yele, “Great job dropping the hammer on China for the Wuhan virus! Thankfully and FINALLY, a President who holds the Chinese accountable for their actions. GO POTUS!

Sharon Tussle¬†said “The only PRESIDENT I’ve ever known with a backbone. I’m 66 and am so blessed to be alive to see God working through the leader of our country which is His anyway.”



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