Americans react over Trump announcement on 10 years imprisonment for those who defaces St. John Church

US Policies: Where Does President Trump Stand On Key Issues?

Most Americans React as Trump announces 10 years Imprisonment for anyone who defaces St. John’s Church which is close to the White House, in addition to the statue of Andrew Jackson.

According to reports coming from CNN, group of protesters took over Lafayette park to create a “Black House Autonomous Zone”, which is similar to the capital Hill Autonomous Zone” located in Seattle.

A crowd of people tried to topple the statue of former US president near the White House, policemen intervened and sprayed pepper inorder to prevent the erupted crowd from damaging the statue and also defacing St. John’s Church. The protesters succeeded in throwing pebbles and hanging ropes around the statue.

US president, Donald Trump took to social media and said: Many were arrested for expressing ‘disgraceful vandalism’ in Lafayette park and also for defacing the exterior of St. John’s church. “Ten years in prison under the Veteran’s Memorial Preservation Act. Beware!” he warned.

This particular tweet by Donald Trump causes many reactions on twitter, as many twitter users accused Donald Trump for showing more concern on statue of Andrew Johnson than American People.

Below are some of the reactions:

Many Americans have expressed their displeasure on the way the present American Government led by Donald Trump, leads them, many cases of racism just of recent, led to several rebellious protest, not to mention the killing of George Floyd which led to a historic protest in America.

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