An open letter of apology to Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, Former President of Nigeria

BREAKING: President Buhari names Agbor railway complex after Goodluck Jonathan

♦An open letter to Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, Former President of Nigeria.

Dear sir,

I write this letter,with every sense of remorse and I sincerely hope that you will find a place within your good heart to forgive me and my family members, for speaking up against you and your policies, while you were president of Nigeria.

Indeed, I mistook your wisdom and calculated actions for cowardice and confusion, hence, I did not fail to speak up against your leadership style, not fully knowing what extent you and the technocrats you surrounded yourself with, had gone to ensure the peace, sanity, economic stabilty and growth, of our dear country.

I vividly recall a particular statement you made during an interview, telling us about you were the most insulted president in the world and how Nigerians, would appreciate all your effort and the freedom we enjoyed, when you leave office. With hindsight, we now understand what your were talking about and on these grounds, I humbly ask your forgiveness.

We spoke against you, wrote about you and shamelessly made caricature of you and my heart bleeds, knowing that you were one of the blessings given to us in Nigeria, yet we strongly opposed your re-election.

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I know that we can not turn back

God bless you sir!

God bless Nigeria!

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