As Tinubu plans to lead APC governors to Edo State, He should know that Oshiomhole didn’t survive chairman

Yinka Odumakin Hits Hard Tinubu Over Dirty Secret

Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, National Chairman of the All Progressive Congress of Edo State and Chief of other APC Governors, will win the September 2020 election to rule Edo. He should also bear in mind that the politics of Edo State are very difficult to testify to by the Adams oshiomole.

Recall that, while he was a national president, Adams Oshiomhole, the former national chairman of All Progressives Congress, went to Edo to fight for the Supresmatia of Edo State Government, but he left Edo State heavily wounded, losing his post as National Chairman of All Progressives Congress in Edo State.

Before the war, Adams oshiomole had been very valued as a politician who had never lost his position in any political battle, but Edo ‘s condition was otherwise confirmed, as he came home as an ordinary member of the All Progressive Congress and not as president any more.

Now Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been leading a coalition of APC Leaders to ensure Pastor Iyamu emerges as government in September20, from where Adams oshiomole is stopped as the National Leader of the All-Progressive Congress. He should take notice of Adams oshiomole’s happenings. We know he is highly regarded in politics, but the State of Edo has shown otherwise.

It should take note of his actions, as all the glitters are not real gold. Most people who he feels follow him are not with me. They try to pull him down, and a shark that has passed over all the seas has come out and died in ordinary water in the lake.

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