Azubuike Ohuabunwa Murders Wife, Commits Suicide After Calling 911 in Dallas(Video)

Azubuike Ohuabunwa, a Nigerian US-based man has been reenacted in a video that surfaced online after he allegedly killed his nurse’s wife because she stopped giving him her paycheck.

The video shows the true story about Nigerian nurse, Chiamaka Ohuabunwa,  in Dallas killed by her husband, Azubuike Ohuabunwa

At this time, details about who the real people the Azubuike Ohuabunwa shooting is based on are unknown and what later happened to the real Azubuike Ohuabuna or his wife, Chiamaka Ohuabuna is also unknown.

Jidensky shared the video, which is based on a true-life story, on his Instagram page back in 2018 and it is trending on social media today.

Jidensky reenacted the video. It is his voice you’ll hear as Azubuike Ohuabuna in the video below. Zoe’s mum played the 911 operator.

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