Being a single is God’s plan- says, Faith Oyedepo

Faith Oyedepo- The founder and president of Living Faith a.k.a Winner Chapel’s wife, Mrs. Faith Oyedepo has once again thought on singlehood, saying, “It is the will of God for you to be single, Read below;

Being a single is God's plan- says, Faith Oyedepo

God is strategic in his planning, he created all things to be wonderful and rewarding including your singlehood. You must understand that even when you are single that God has tremendous plans for you.

Your single years is not the time to grumble, Being single does not mean you are incomplete, And ye are complete in him (Colossians 2:10), Instead of grumbling that you are single and wish you weren’t, make it a habit to recount your blessings the Lord has bestowed on you.

The single years represent the period of growth, vigor, vision, and preparation towards the fulfillment of your glorious destiny in Christ. Being single does not mean incompleteness or lack of competence, in fact, you are created to be complete and whole in your single years.

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Entanglements may come in different forms and it best to stay away from the things that tie down your progress and what God has planned for you. Too much worry is one of those.

Be at peace and pursue your goals in life and allow God to do his work. Become an instrument of peace, where there is peace the evidence shows in tranquility, kindness, gentleness, tolerance, forgiveness, and love, Therefore to maintain a peaceful heart, you have to be considerate, accommodating, and lovable.

As you go through your single years, there will always be pressure to conform to the things that will get you entangled. Do not forget that you are complete in Christ.

Your single years are your defining years, it supposed to be a period of growth, preparation, planning, and packaging for the glorious future you desire. True beauty stems from the heart.No matter how well proportioned you are, your true beauty radiate from within.

Being a single is God's plan- says, Faith Oyedepo

What you do with your time, energy, skill, and resources today determines what you will reap tomorrow, hence you must put yourself to work.No matter how hopeless a situation is, the word of God is enough to stir up your hope.

God’s word will inspire and sustain your hope(psalm 119:74), Take advantage of your single years so as to discover purpose and live according to God’s plan for you.

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