Biafra: Igbo Presidency Might Not Happen In 2023, Because of Division

IPOB Present At The USA National Prayer Summit In Washington D.C

There’s a “unity is power” proverb Igbo says.

IPOB Present At The USA National Prayer Summit In Washington D.C

One of the aspects the Igbos lacks seems to be harmony.

Name a clear national voice for the Igbos before you come for me.

Nnamdi Kanu, who loves to hate many Igbos (aside the IPOB members), and non-IPOB members who do want to secede but do Nnamdi Kanu not.

Igbo Presidency seems to be not of concern to Nnamdi Kanu. He wants secession, but he made a mistake sometime ago.

He advised Igbos not to vote during the last presidential elections in Nigeria, because they were not part of the region.

He turned around a few days before the election and ordered Igbos to vote because his demands were met.

I was one of those who wondered what and who he wondered. Until now, we did not receive a reply.

Barely one year into his second term in office, President Mohammadu Buhari, but steps towards 2023 have started. Who needs it most comes down to everything.

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South-South are also interested, south-West moves already and south-east silence. It looks like that Northerner are not ready to relinquish power.

One of the most important political myths is that control has not been seized.

I don’t know if they wait until the North says that all Nigerian political parties.

So what exactly does the Igbos want?

Biafra, Business as normal or Igbo President?

Mamman Daura, who is in the current government, came out only a few days ago to say that it was not about the rotation but about the power that the Presidency should rely on. He said that in full awareness that it was like this and a specific area has not yet created a chairman.

News flash: Daura ‘s mom was very right. You should not be a president, you should go to the elections and fight where you come from.

Following Mamman Daura ‘s comment, Ohaneze Ndigbo reiterated that President Muhammadu Buhari must be successful with an Igbo man.

He stressed that North has gained from the rotation scheme, and should not unexpectedly take out Chief Ndigbo, President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo. He insisted that President Muhammadu Buhari ‘s successor should come from the Southeast.

The question is, will the 2023 polls be won??

Have the South-South or South-West reached a consensus?

I’ve seen a cartoonist ‘s fascinating art. He captured perfectly the leaders of the South East.

In that art, a group of Igbo politicians were asked who was present for a presidential competition, and all of them raised their hands to show interest.

This means that stability, policy, and agreement are not available yet.

Other regions are lobbying already, but no news from the south-eastern region has been released.

Southeast political leaders should wake up and accept that control is not taken. You should ignore your egoistic political lifestyle for a shared purpose.

Every day it is clearer that their political parties are more concerned with their regions than their own.

If politicians such as Imo, Senator Rochas Okorocha, Senator Peter Obi, Senator Abaribe, Senator Ekweremmadu and others would join in and set party politics aside, they will move forward.

South-west strategizes and lobbies with the North now. It was announced that Bola Tinubu agreed with the APC that when the term of President Muhammadu Buhari elapse, the power would go back into the Southeast.

Alhaji Bola Tinubu appears to be capable of traveling. The removal of Adams Oshiomole as the National President of the APC did, however, raise doubts about his position.

The people in the North are taking action to maintain power. As potential candidates were Emir Sanusi, El-Rufai, and others.

Chibuike Amechi, the new transport minister, is also taking steps to portray himself from the South.

There is no hint of cooperation as far as the South-East is concerned, no sign of agreement to show anybody.

There was a time when the Presidency was requesting Chinese development loans of $22.7 billion. None of the projects was confirmed to have been assigned south-east.

Interestingly, south-eastern legislators have not raised enough dust. The offer came at the end of the day.

Anyone associated with Southeast leaders may not have confidence in them due to the Biafra agitation.

What about the solution to the Igbo Presidency of Ohaneze Ndiigbo in 2023?

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