Biafrans warm up as the UN creates new country from Cameroon

The United Nations has confirmed that Nigeria will lose 24 local councils alongside with the Republic of Cameroon to the newly created country(UNO) States of Cameroon, this was a resolution in the just concluded the U.N. assembly.

Meanwhile, The United Nations has set July 10th, 2020 for the former implementation that when see Nigeria loses 24 local councils to the newly created the United Nations Organization(UNO) States of Cameroon and the Republic of Biafra.

The withdrawal of troops by Biya was formally demanded by the former President of the United Nations General Assembly, Ali A. Treki on May 20, 2020. This was disclosed in a May 26, 2020 letter of the UNO State of Cameroon to Prof. Martins Chia Ateh, the United Nations-appointed workshops coordinator in Cameroon and Nigeria.

Ateh said in the letter: “Greetings and thank you very much for the attached list of those who were detained in the Nkambe prison of Cameroon in August 2008.

“It is only now that the soldiers of la Republique du Cameroun are being withdrawn from the southern part of UNO State of Cameroon.” He said it was a good thing Treki kept the records straight.

Although there is a lot of hope for all Biafrans as a sign of hope coming soon, for the Republic of Biafra nation to be declared soon.

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