BREAKING: Hushpuppi to faces the biggest cybercrime case in the world

Hushpuppi ready to be released

The biggest cyber fraud scam In Nigeria history was settled today as the Dubai Police published their official account of the Arrest of Ramoni igbolade Aka Hushpuppi.

The FBI and Dubai Police have followed him for 6 months before his arrest.

They revealed a staggering amount of money his gang has made defrauding over 1.9 million individuals across Europe.

Items seized from Hushpuppi & his crew by Dubai Police:
1. 150m Dirhams (16bn) worth of items
2. 21 Laptops
3. 47 Smartphones
4. 15 Flash drives
5. 5 Hard drives with about 200,000 files
6. 13 luxury cars worth 25m Dirhams (3bn)

Dubai Police belief that he has moved up to $430 million in 3 years.

This is the biggest cybercrime case in the world at the moment!

He might be facing a death sentence or life imprisonment.

Sad day for Nigerians in Dubai.

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