BREAKING: President Ramaphosa will be addressing the nation tonight by 8:30pm

The president will finally address the nation again on all news channels at 20h30 tonight 13 of May 2020. After his last announcement of easing the lockdown to level 4 from level 5, things got out of hands.

The freedom of movement amongst our people has brought South Africa to a high risk of infections.

We have now 11 350 in a period of a month, easing the lockdown was the last thing the government could have think of.

Now the freedom of movement has put the nation in danger.

Our government’s concern is the economy, economic is a man-made structure, the lives of our people need to be valued, the government needs to make sure we are the priority as the future leaders of tomorrow.

EFF was seen to be the only party that sees the need for hard lockdown, ANC as the ruling party of South Africa needs to take hard measures regardless of what the other parties think.

DA wants the lockdown to be over, how weak are they thinking, we are fighting an unknown enemy.

The high increase of confirmed cases and deaths cases is an alarm, the worst is yet to come.

South African government must put the economy aside at the moment and put the lives of the people 1st.

We need to be taken seriously, there are only a few people in this country who don’t see the need for the hard lockdown and so people who value their lives and the lives of their families see the need for the hard lockdown.

I pray  they take back South Africa to level 5 with immediate effect

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