China openly apologize to the world and plead for total forgiveness over COVID-19

The Chinese President, Xi Jiping, has come out openly to apologize for the outbreak of the Coronavirus which emanated from Wuhan in China.

In a Nationwide broadcast yesterday in China, the president of China so that it clearly that the whole world is suffering today because of a costly mistake that was found in a region of their country.

We can no longer hide the truth that the coronavirus outbreak actually came out from our country but because it was poorly managed that was why it escalated to the extent that the whole world is suffering economically and otherwise.

The idea for want to use this opportunity to plead with all world leaders to forgive the mistakes of our laboratory technicians who allowed the virus to go viral in other parts of the world without taking proper precautions and measures.

“The relationship between China and other parts of the world should remain intact even though the mistake came from our end I want to play it with all well-meaning individuals to understand our total responsibility for whatever they virus has caused in any country all over the world at this point in time,” he concludes.

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