Church member reacts as Bishop Oyedepo on Christians over the use of social media

Oyedepo- Church members react as Bishop Oyedepo Warns Christians, says Christian’s should use social media against men of God.'If you don't pay your tithe, you are under a financial curse – Pastor David Oyedepo blows hot

Church members are currently reacting on social media platforms as the president and general overseer of winners chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo has taken to twitter to issue a statement warning Christian believers that sin is sin no matter the colouration. He said sin is sin no matter how we want to sugar coat our actions. This statement bishop oyedepo released on twitter today made his church members to react and throw mote lights on sin and its consequences.

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The reputable man of God has been know to have a very active social media presence due to his frequent release of messages on social media. Recall that last week he made a message asking ladies to be submissive to their husbands and OAP daddy freeze critized him.

Today Bishop Oyedepo has made his church members to react on twitter as he said ‘sin is sin, no matter the colouration. He wrote,’Sin is sin, No Matter the Colouration. You do not talk of honour where sin reigns.

He noted that his congregations should stop the act of sin or else sin will stops them.

Meanwhile, bishop oyedepo’s members has reacted to the statement he made on social media concerning ‘SIN’. Some people said sin is sin, but there are sins that God over look. For example in Matthr 5:37 while others commended the man of God for releasing such a powerful message online.

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