COVID-19: Nnamdi Kanu reveals FG plans to eliminate the Igbos from the current Nigeria system

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB), Prince Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has once again cried out to all well-meaning Biafran citizens to be very careful with what he called a systematic way of eliminating the Igbos from the current Nigerian system.

He has warned the Biafrans to be very careful of whatever is being given to them from wherever it may come from stressing that such gifts may have been contaminated and would prove a danger to the health of the Biafrans people.

According to Biafra Report, “that this government has no intentions whatsoever for you as it has been declared that he both should not even think of receiving anything from the government because they are fighting for Biafra but one thing is sure we cannot relent in our fight to be free from the caliphate headed by the Fulanis who has made it clear that we do not belong to their system”.

Kanu said, “Take a look at how our businesses both in Lagos and all over the country are being destroyed by a sponsored Fulani herdsmen in a uniform of the Nigerian Army destroying and killing the innocent ones who have struggled so much to put investments in their various locality.”

“The cabals led by Abba Kyari have fallen more disgrace will be for them, let us see how it unfolds as the whole world leaders now know the truth.”

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