Dexamethasone Discovered: Hope For COVID-19 Patients, Yet Tested

There is a sign of hope as a new drug, known as ‘Dexamethasone’, which has been discovered by scientists at the University of Oxford  that can reduce the risk of deaths caused by this deadly virus called ‘Coronavirus.’

It was observed that the ‘Dexamethasone drug’ is too inexpensive and commonly available drug reduced deaths in patients with severe Covid-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus.

Dexamethasone could decrease mortality by a fifth for people on supplemental oxygen, according to data from scientists at the University of Oxford which has yet to be published. More research is needed to confirm its findings, but experts such as Dr. Gottlieb are optimistic, saying the study is “well designed.”

Meanwhile, the coronavirus directly attacks cells lining the patient’s airways and lungs. But the infection also can prompt an overwhelming immune reaction that is just as harmful. Three-quarters of hospitalized Covid-19 patients receive some form of oxygen.

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How does it work to treat COVID-19?

Where Covid-19 is concerned, experts believe that the drug could help suppress the immune system, improving health for patients whose systems are overactive and attacking their own lungs and bodies. This is known as the “cytokine storm,” and it’s a known issue when it comes to severe cases of the disease.

Researchers say that if the treatment had been used to help patients in the U.K. from the beginning of the outbreak, it could have saved 5,000 lives, reports BBC News

Let pray it works for the safety of the entire world as the spread continuing to spread.

Source: Refinery/NYTimes

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