Do you think all those pastors that shout Buhari the Messiah, saw any vision from God?

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Do you think all those men of God that shout Buhari, the Messiah, saw any vision from God?

Truly, they saw absolutely nothing except the bribe APC government dangled in front of them.

Each and every popular men of god that support buhari is not a true men of God, as it stands now. Because, they disregarded their flock and embraced evil.

The incompetency of Buhari, the hunger in the land, the arbitrary arrests, the killings, the pampering of Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen, terrorists, the wilful destruction of the economy by these team of APC devils they supported have all exposed them.

They are no pastors and no priests. They are bunch of evil.

In a saner clime, no one will ever take them serious again.

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