Donald Trump, Fight without finish he can’t win- Dr. Fauci

Donald Trump, Fight without finish he can't win- Dr. Fauci

“President Donald Trump, This have been his style of leadership as he made it mandatory to fight against those who he thought that are his political enemies to fight them and at the same vein praise those who support him”– Dr. Fauci.

According to Dr. Fauci, made it clear that Trump is picking a fight with him which he can’t win since he tenders his resignation letter to quilt from the COVID-19 taskforce.

Trump has been frosty for months now the last time they spoke was in early June their cold war went into overdrive last weekend when the Washington Post reported that Trump’s aides are circulating talking points criticizing Fauci for his handling of the virus.

The president’s efforts towards the coronavirus outbreak, Trump is myriad to it by measuring the way to it through a message of political crisis without focusing on the right thing to do to control the pandemic.

No doubt, Russia Investigation, and the impeachment process were politically seismic, but their threat was contained largely to Trump and those around him. That’s not the case with a pandemic that, as of Tuesday, has infected more than 3.3 million Americans and killed over 135,000 people across the country.

According to Dr. Fauci, said, the widespread of the pandemic in the United States will be attributed to the failure of President Donald Trump, who failures to addresses the issue so far rather than concentrating on external factors within and without, he alleged.

Trump hammered the US’s recovery by ignoring more than a dozen warnings about the pandemic from intelligence officials, cutting funding to public health agencies, demonizing medical experts, and spreading misinformation about the severity of the outbreak.

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According to Trump, said,

“Taking quotes from Dr. Fauci out of context to discredit his scientific knowledge and judgment will do tremendous harm to our nation’s efforts to get the virus under control, restore our economy, and return us to a more normal way of life.”

Meanwhile, the AMA bodies are not happy based on the attacks against Dr. Anthony Fauci by the President, Donald Trump. saying, Dr. Fauci isn’t the problem.

One of the Democrat Senator, Jeremy Konyndyk described President, Donald Trump as the biggest threat against a strong recovery based on his lukewarm response to the coronavirus and ignorance of repeated warnings from medical experts.

“So look, @WhiteHouse, I think it’s great that you care about retroactive accountability for officials’ prior mistakes on Coronavirus. And all I’m saying is, Fauci’s maybe not the main guy you should be worried about on that score,” Konyndyk tweeted on Monday.

In a quick response, The Republican Senator, Lindsey Graham,  said, Trump is the biggest allies on Capitol Hill, rallied to Fauci’s defense on Tuesday.

“We don’t have a Dr. Fauci problem,” Graham, who is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, told reporters. “We need to be focusing on doing things that get us to where we need to go. So, I have all the respect in the world for Dr. Fauci. I think any effort to undermine him is not going to be productive, frankly.”

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