Five dead hits Bayelsa, Delta over cholera outbreak

Five dead hits Bayelsa, Delta over cholera outbreak

Five persons have been reported dead after confirmed that it was an outbreak of cholera that hits about 10 communities in Delta and Bayelsa states.

According to residents of the states, they believe the deaths resulted from drinking polluted water and eating fishes, which died from pollution.

They urged the Federal Government to investigate and sanction the polluters and stop their hardship.

One of the Community leaders, High Chief Augustine Seibi said: “Some deaths have occurred in several communities because of this pollution. In Sokoh, for example, we lost the following persons, Mr. Johnson Pabebe, Adoere Epreyofie, and Pa Ogbuma Ingologolo to this outbreak as a result of polluted water consumed by both communities in the states.

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Ekeremor Federated Communities also lost Ekerenwei Igenisuode and his wife, Yeikonne.

“They died of cholera, which resulted from the polluted water we drink and dead fish.  That is why we need a cottage hospital and the government’s intervention to allay the hunger and hardship facing us.”

Seibi said the communities had reasons to believe oil companies were responsible for the pollution.

“It is their explorative activities, as in most oil spills, that could contaminate the waters occasioning the death of fishes and other aquatic organisms.

‘’These are further driven by the tidal flow deposited on the shores of communities and other uninhabited environments.”

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