Ghislaine Maxwell, an ex-girlfriend of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein abuse of minors

'I'm innocent to the s*xual crime leveled against me- Epstein's Ex-girlfriend allege

Ghislaine Maxwell, an ex-girlfriend of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein abuse of minors. One of the renowned Britain socialist Ghislaine Maxwell, his girlfriend Jeffrey Epstein has been charged to court after being arrested by the FBI over abuse of minor who was underage for sexual exploits.

After being arrested in the FBI he was brought to court and remanded in police custody which he will later be transferred to New York over this incident.

Although she is denying the facts about sexual allegations leveled against him and the court. To remind you Esther died in the prison on August 10th as he waited without the charger chances of Bill this travel over s*x trafficking charges.

He was arrested last year on the same vein running a network of underage girls some of those young girls are within 14, and his dad was the time to be what suicide.

“Maxwell played a critical role in helping Epstein to identify, befriend and groom minor victims for abuse,” said Audrey Strauss, acting the US attorney for the southern district of New York.

Although, the five of the six-count charges brought against her each carries a sentence of 5 good years with six transplanting minors with intent to engage in a criminal sexual activity furnished punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment.

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When the rapport was not built yet, Ms. Maxwell would “try to normalize sexual abuse for a minor victim by… discussing sexual topics, undressing in front of the victim, being present when a minor victim was undressed, and/or being present for sex acts involving the minor victim and Epstein”.

“Maxwell and Epstein worked together to entice these minor victims to travel to Epstein’s residences – his residence in New York City on the Upper East Side, as well as Palm Beach, Florida, and Santa Fe, New Mexico,” Ms. Strauss told reporters.

“Some of the acts of abuse also took place in Maxwell’s residence in London, England.”

The perjury counts relate to depositions she gave to a New York court on 22 April and 22 July 2016. The charge sheet says she “repeatedly lied when questioned about her conduct, including in relation to some of the minor victims”.

“Maxwell lied because the truth, as alleged, was almost unspeakable,” said Ms. Strauss.

Source: BBC

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