‘God doesn’t listen to or hear the prayers of Nigerians, Nnamdi Kanu give reasons

Nnamdi Kanu blows hot, as he reveals Nigerian Newspapers criticize his efforts

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, stated reasons why prayers of Nigerians from zoo country are not answered by God because of their wickedness and evil-doing to one another.

He said; “God doesn’t listen to or hear the prayers of Nigerians.”

According to Nnamdi Kanu, “If we agree that a name defines a person, then Nigeria is in the mess it is today because of the demeaning racist name it was given by those that created it. Mind you God never created Nigeria, a British colonizing racist did. It means that right from inception, Nigeria was an artificial geo-political contraption created to serve the interest of European racists, which means that every Nigerian by virtue is a mere British product the same way Britain manufactures chemical products and other goods were how they manufactured Nigerians as a viable commercial product. Nigerians are not humans but commodities owned and traded at will.”

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Fredrick Lugard created Nigeria without the consent of the indigenous ethnic populations, he christened his new creation NIGERIA, which in Latin means Nigga-area. Yes! Nigga. A name that is considered so racially offensive that you will find yourself in jail in most European countries, USA and Canada if you call somebody a Nigga.

Nigga-area (Nigeria) is a racist slur, not even a name. It was designed by the British racist Flora Shaw to reinforce the stereotype that Africans are evil, ill-omened, pitch-black, devoid of the light of God, unintelligent unlucky, gloomy, dismal, and obscure. If in doubt consult your online dictionary or see the screen dump below.

This means that God doesn’t listen to or hear the prayers of Nigerians because they are under a perpetual curse and eternal bondage as a result of their name which is an abomination even before the sight of men.

As monuments and statues of racists, colonialists, and profiteers from slavery are tumbling all over the civilized world, unfortunately in Nigeria, they are still not mentally developed enough or should I say reasonable enough to appreciate the damaging effect of the racist origin of their miserable name. You cannot help but think that perhaps they are NOT human after all, they are just an unthinking lifeless product of their fellow man.

“No sensible person names their child Satan, Lucifer, Unlucky, Gloomy, Dismal, Obscure, Bad Omen, and expects God to bless that child. Sadly this is precisely the position Nigeria and Nigerians find themselves in today and unless they rise up to challenge this slur and absurdity as we Biafrans have done, Nigerians will remain a British racist construct doomed to eternal damnation on this earth and thereafter.” He concluded.

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