Governor Wike’s letter to President Buhari will make you laugh and confused

We Must Thank God For Using Obaseki To Stop Godfatherism- Wike

Talk about a controversial and funny Governor in Nigeria, Nyesom Wike of Rivers State comes to mind. He is known to counter the Federal Government and says he doesn’t take orders from them on how to rule his state.

Also known for speaking against the Federal government and one would never think of any positivity between Homa ND the federal government but he surprised everyone with a letter he wrote to President Buhari over a refund he made.

Of course it is the duty of the federal government to fix federal roads in all part of the country but Governor Wike fixed majority of the federal roads with the State’s fund and the amount reportedly spent was N78.9bn which he made an appeal to the Federal government for refund.

The Federal government didn’t play politics this time based on party differences bur rather refunded the said amount to the Rivers State and this led to a letter Wike wrote to the Presidency.

In the letter, he thanked the President, Muhammadu Buhari for the show of good leadership for the refund of the money and also extended the gratitude to the Vice President and Federal Executive Council. He also requested for a State Visit by the President.

President Buhari has indeed proven to be a President of all for the kind gesture instead of playing politics because of the party differences that arises amongst politicians.

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