Happy Independence Day Wishes Nigeria @60

Happy Independence Day Wishes Nigeria- As Nigerians mark their 60th Independence Day anniversary, It is important we focus on the peace and harmony despite we haven’t arrived there yet as a result of corruption and crops of bad governance of leaders recycled every day of your elections resurfaced again.

Happy Independence Day Wishes Nigeria @60

No doubt, this independence day, we should enjoy ourselves as God Almighty spear our life to witness this day of celebration because we are alive to mark this day.

On this page, we will provide you amazing independence day wishes and messages you can share with your lovingly friends and family.

It is a time to feel the pride and to show respect for every freedom fighter that have shed their blood for their country’s freedom.

Here are the independence day wishes and messages you can send across below;

Happy Independence Day Wishes and Messages

The nation will forever remain the land of the free as long as it’s the home of soldiers and the braves. Happy Independence Day!

It’s been more than two centuries since our grandparents won our first and most crucial battle, but we still can feel the taste of freedom and independence. It is something we will cherish until the end. Happy Independence Day!

The sovereignty of our nation has always been very important to every single one of us. Let’s celebrate this Independence Day and raise our glasses for everyone who has fought for it. Cheers!

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Let’s salute our martyrs for the sacrifices they made and appreciate them for giving us today. Happy independence!

I know that you don‘t like any sophisticated days but today is time to celebrate our independence. It‘s a grand day!

Today is a great day for all of us. It‘s our freedom and independence day. I hope that it will never end.

I want to congratulate all of us on our people’s freedom day. This day is a sign that we can do everything that we want to do. This is an amazing day!

Being independent is everything we ever wanted. We fought for it bravely and we finally won it at the expense of so many lives. But if something threatens our independence, we’ll fight for it one more time! Have a great Independence Day!

This day is special and we all know why. It brought us freedom and happiness and we will never trade if for anything in the world, right? Happy Independence Day!

Freedom should not be something you have to deserve. It’s something you just naturally have. Something that no one can take away from you. Let’s celebrate Freedom!

Today we cherish the ones who made our independence possible. Freedom is hard to get, but we were blessed to have it. Let’s appreciate everything we have and celebrate the great miracle of freedom. Happy Independence Day.

It is a great time for you to show the act of freedom. Make yourself known. Never follow others’ footsteps, free yourself, after-all you are independent! Happy Independence Day.

Freedom is for everyone. It doesn’t see colors or shapes. We’ve had enough of hate and violence, and now we need to build our new future, full of love and understanding. Let’s raise our glasses to Independence Day!

Today, we stand up so high. Shed those tears as we all remember all that died for me, you, and our whole country, risking their precious lives each and every day. To our martyrs, here is our salute. Happy Independence Day.

Independence Day is an amazing opportunity to remind ourselves how hard we’ve worked for it. Through blood and tears, we fought for our freedom. We made our dreams a reality. Cheers to another year of independence!

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