How The Nigerian Media And Govt Treated Invictus Obi (Igbo) Fraud Case VS How They’re Treating Igbalodely-Hushpuppi (Yoruba) Fraud Case

Raymond Igbalodely Popularly Name As Hushpuppi Is A Yoruba Man Who Flaunts His Flamboyant Lifestyle Online But His Source Of Income Was Based On Fraud. He Was Recently Arrested By FBI And Interpol Yet Some People Didn’t Know About This Because No Single Noise About It Was Made By The Nigerian Media. No Press Release Was Issued From Nigeria Foreign Affairs And Even The Bigot, Mrs. Abike Oluwatoyin Dabiri- Erewa Is Yet To Speak On This Particular Incident.

But These Same People Who Seem To Have Lost Their Voices In The Case Of Hushpuppi Made So Much Noise And Talked about Invictus Obi And His Igbo Tribe When He Was Arrested For A Similar Issue. It Was Easy For Nigeria Social Media Community, The Nigerian Govt And Mrs. Abike Dabiri To Say That Invictus Obi Was Igbo And The Whole Analogy Around Igbos Are Fraud Money. It Was Everywhere On Social Media. Yet Hushpuppi A ‘Yoruba Boy’ Who Was Arrested In Dubai For Over $50million Covid-19 Ventilator Fraud, I Didn’t Hear The Nigerian Media Saying That Hushpuppi Is Yoruba Or That The Yoruba Race Were Fraudulent In Nature. They Now Remember He Is A Nigerian And Not Yoruba. So Much Hypocrisy In Nigeria Yet You Wonder Why The Country Is In So Much Deep Shit.

The Same Thing Happened With Evan When He Was Arrested For Kidnapping. The Nigerian Media Made Sure They Tagged It ‘Igbo Crime’ In The Media. They Made Sure It Was Trending For Months And Even The Presidency Made His Arrest All About His Igbo Tribe That Continues To Give Nigeria A Bad Name.

A few Months Later, Hamisu Bala Wadume A Fulani Man Was Also Arrested For Kidnapping, Terrorism And Linked To Hundreds Of Killings Including The Deaths Of Nigerian Policemen Yet Nobody Made Noise About It In The Nigerian Media. No Single Presidential Press Release Was Issued. No One Tagged It As A ‘Fulani Kidnapper’ Giving Nigeria A Bad Name. He Was Paraded Like A Saint By The Nigerian Police. And Till Date, It’s As If The Incident Never Happened. No One Knows His Whereabouts After It Was Rumoured That He Was Released From Prison And Smuggled Out Of The Country With The Help Of A Top Fulani Politician. Wadume The Fulani Kidnapper Disappeared Just Like That And Yet No One Seems To Care About it. It’s Now A Closed Case. But Evans Is Till Been Lock Up And Tortured In Prison For The Same Crime.

The Same Hypocrisy Applys In Nigeria Politics. They Arrested Orji Uzor Kalu, Olisa Metuh Went After Diezani Alison-Madueke, Goodluck And Patience Jonathan, Yet They Haven’t Arrested Or Gone After Bọla Ahmed Tinubu, Ibrahim Babangida, Yusuf Buhari, Aisha Buhari, Etc.. Even In The Commercial Market In Nigeria, They Still Went After Innoson Chukwuma (Innoson Motors), Allen Onyema (Air Peace), Cletus Madubugwu Ibeto (Ibeto Cements), Stella Chinyelu Okoli (Emzor Pharmaceutical)… The List Goes On…

Fraud Should Be fraud. Crime Should Be Crime. Injustice Should Be Injustice. There Shouldn’t Be Any Special Treatment Regardless Of The Tribe That Committed The Offense. Sadly, That’s Not The Case In Nigeria. Once It’s Igbo They Treat The Offense Differently From Other Tribes In Nigeria. Yet Some Nigerians Were Protesting For Racism To End In America But They Haven’t Dealt With The Bigger Racism Eating Them Up In Their Own Country. Hypocrites Everywhere! And Tomorrow Some Buffoons, Racialists, Callous Individuals And Bigots Will Be Shouting ‘One Nigeria’ And Preaching Unity That Doesn’t Even Exist.

There’s Nothing One About Nigeria. And The Truth Is That Tribalism, Nepotism, Bigotry, And Disunity Will Forever Continue In Nigeria. There are No Two Ways About It. The Only Way Forward, Is To Break-up Nigeria, Let’s All Go Our Separate Ways And Handle Our Own Affairs The Way We See Fit. That’s The Only Solution To End All These Inborn Hatreds, Tribalism, Prejudice, Bigotry, And Jealousy Towards One Another That Will Never Go Away As Long As Nigeria Continues To Exist.

Written By Somto Okonkwo

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