Hushpuppi’s Court Charge Reviews

The arrest of Ramon Abbas, a.k.a Ray Hushpuppi;a Dubai based Nigerian Instagram celebrity has pitted Nigerian detectives against their counterparts from the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

Although he is still under serious investigation by the foreign bodies, he had not yet been declared a criminal yet as no evidence has been found to be used against him.

The federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I) has been making serious effort to put Ray Hushpuppi behind bars, this is because most of his scammed victims over the years were largely Americans.

His financial value is still under investigation as the Dubai authorities are not fully corperative with the U.S government, but it has been agreed that his dealings span across Europe, U.S, and Nigeria.

As at this moment, it is not clear if Mr. Ray Hushpuppi has been given the privilege to contact his lawyers yet since the case is tied on fraud related issues.

Information on ground is that, the case is still under strict investigations as no concrete evidence has been reach yet.

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