‘I hope President Trump steps in and takes all the power away from governors & mayors

The American people have suggested that President Trump should reduce the power of all the governors and the City mayors in the country.

Reacting to what they call a national day for correction they said that Trump has the discipline and character of making people do the right thing but they are not very much comfortable with the powers that are being delegated to the governor and the City mayors in America whom they have described as a failure in every ratification.

We hope that Trump would win this coming election so that he can be able to reduce the abnormalities going on within the States and other major cities in America because such powers that are being posted on the state governors have made it impossible for people to assess what the federal system happened to be carrying out on daily basis to the help of the American people.

We believe that Trump has the character and the moral to inculcate strong discipline in the system so that we can all have a level playing ground and not business-as-usual anymore.


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