‘I need Donald Trump and his Trumpet to fall down and not get back

Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic House leader, has described Donald Trump as a liar and a man with dirty character whom she said should fall down and be voted out.

Nancy Pelosi said, she wants Trump to be voted out and never to come back again because she believes that the reason many Americans are dying of these deadly viruses which have ravaged every part of the United States was that Donald Trump failed to do the needful early enough when he was called a poor but he rather has called it fake news by the Democrats and mainstream media.

In an ongoing face-off between the two leaders in America, Nancy Pelosi once again said that Americans should think well this time around in choosing a leader that would care for the masses and not a greedy fellow in the person of Donald Trump because she believes that Trump has no idea of what politics and world leadership is all about.

She said;

“Donald Trump became rich through cheating his client and such a person shouldn’t have any business in the white house because that is a place for distinguished men whom God has given to lead the American people we cannot allow any dirty man to continue to be in there because in the person of trump a lot of corruption and unspeakable lies which he brings out of him at his so he has no business to continue to occupy the seat in the White House we don’t need him anymore he has to fall down and be voted out.”

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