“If Nigeria Break-Up, Heavens Will Not Fall” –says, Ekpenyong

“If Nigeria Break-Up, Heavens Will Not Fall” –says, Ekpenyong

The former deputy governor of Akwa Ibom State, Senator Christopher Ekpenyong, has wondered why people in the North are afraid of Nigeriaʼs breakup.

Ekpenyong in an interview with Vanguard said that heavens will not fall if the country break.

He said; “I am believing that one day God will be so annoyed that He gave oil to the people here but they have been subjugated, marginalized in the sharing of the proceeds and, in the management of the resources. When God’s annoyance comes there will no way you can stop God.

“The oil resources are gotten from here, but people over there that do not suffer from the effect of acid rain, people somewhere that don’t suffer from the devastation of the environment are benefiting more from it.

“Look at Ogoniland, they said they were going to clean up Ogoniland since 2015. Has it been done? Has Ogoniland been cleaned? Is there any restoration of our environment? So when this whole area has been completely destroyed as a result of oil drilling, is that when they will now go? So it is a cohesion because of oil resources, it is a false marriage, where they say you must remain with me until whenever I say I am tired of you. But I say God will decide things very soon.

“A lot of people are afraid of restructuring. They think that when we talk about restructuring it is to dismember Nigeria. Even if it comes to that level, why should we be afraid? The Heavens will not fall. Most nations of the world that did that like Ukraine, today are they not surviving? Ukraine came out of Russia, the Republic of Croatia from Yugoslavia. So why is it that in Nigeria we are so afraid? If you want to restructure Nigeria now based on regions, some people will not allow that. For instance South-South, South-East were together before independence.”

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