“If Nigeria keeps on going in this direction, there won’t be no one left to rule in 2023

Yes! It’s not hard to make this prediction, judging by how the country is going at the moment. It would be cliche to sit and start analyzing how Nigeria has been reduced to the status of “survival of the fittest”, and millions of people have to toil in order to put food on their table just to feed.

Insecurity has been a huge bone in the neck of Nigerians, and hundreds of people are killed in different parts of the North daily due to insurgency and banditry. Mothers and children are being brutally murdered in cold blood and conceiving the thoughts of even visiting the North is tagged as a suicide mission. Assurances have been given that the war against insurgency have been won, but the number of deaths in this region keeps spiking up.

Accountability in governance is another dream too distant in Nigeria. While I won’t focus on emphasizing this issue only at government levels, I think lack of accountability is deep rooted in every sector of the economy; and that have brought about mistrust and misappropriation of public and private owned resources which have in turn led to untold hardship of the recipients of this dastardly act.

Worse still, Nigerians are unnecessarily angry, and this anger has transcended beyond what we can understand. From social media, to driving on the road, shopping in a store or any public space that brings people together, you discover that Nigerians are just angry even over trivial issues and that has nudged us light years behind.

Crime, Police brutality, prostitution (which is on the rise as young girls have taken it as a full time job) is alarming. People are actually making a living by swindling others and they go to bed and sleep with both eyes closed. Police brutality with impunity is now a crash course and several innocent people have been killed due to the ineptitude of the officers who swore to protect the lives and properties of the people they serve.

The rate of prostitution is now alarming and teenagers and young adults have toed this line in order to make a living by risking their lives sleeping with random men who could double as ritualists on the long run. Lives of young girls have been cut short after falling victim to ritual killing and some have been struck with terminal illnesses as a result of engaging in this sort of questionable lifestyle.

Enough of the rants! Things are not looking good at the moment, and it is only further pushing us towards oblivion. Every young man or woman in Nigeria is only thinking about living the country for greener pastures and abandoning motherland to fate. While we will agree that there is no country in the world without its own challenges, Nigeria’s seem to be in a class of its own, and the more this keeps happening, the more the country is susceptible.

This is not rocket science. If the country keeps going in this direction, there will be no one left to rule in 2023 (Pun intended). Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic have further enlightened the citizenry the precarious situation we’re in. Until then, we keep our hopes alive!

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