‘If There is No Igbo Presidency, Let’s Divide Nigeria- Ohaneze Ndigbo

Ohaneze Ndigbo has cautioned the government on what they call Igbo must rule in 2023 speaking during an interactive forum, the leader of the Igbo group has called on Nigeria government to consider an Igbo President to handle the affairs of the country following failures by other parts who have not been able to give a true leadership and accountability required for the good of our nation Nigeria.

Nigeria is a country that is made up of different tribes we have tried the Yoruba tribe, Hausa Fulani tribes, and some other South-South region in the quest for true leadership and better left for our people.

“If you look at the area of business you will count an evil man as the best in that area because we start from nothing and will grow it to become a multinational investment without government putting their money to our businesses all over the country you can attest the truth for yourself go to Lagos, Abuja and other parts of Nigeria you will see the signs of Igbo business touch.”

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Should there be any reason that an Igbo man would be the leadership of Nigeria as a President? “I will tell you that the country will not be just a place of envy but the entire world will shift its focus on the kind of businesses that will pull in the country.”

that is why we are calling on all well-meaning individuals and political stakeholders to understand that it is now time for an Igbo man to be given the opportunity to rule this country so that they will see the leadership skills and why we are the best business people in the world they conclude

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