“If they refuse to give us biafra see what will happen to them- Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu roll-out plans on how to build Biafra

The Indigenous People of biafra, IPOB, leader mazi Nnamdi kanu has once again told the Nigerian government to let the biafra people go because holding them back will not spell anything good for the nation or Nigeria because at this point it has already collapsed.

Nnamdi kanu said this during one of his Facebook write-up post where he described Nigeria as a zoological country that is facing calamity and he does not want his biafra people to be part of the problem that will be for Nigeria in a very short time from today after China will recognise them as its own slave ones more.

They have simply forgotten what happened to the Egyptian Pharaoh when he did not allow the children of Israel to go the same thing is about to happen again in the world as the world is here to witness yet another miracle from God above in heaven elohim is ready and willing to make sure that the different people will go to the promised land without any gunshot like I keep promising to zoological Republic called Nigeria.

There is a simple way of understanding which district you must know and that has to do with the destiny of our people which God has given to us for us to celebrate and be happy with the results our struggle so far we are good to go but they don’t want us to get together.

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