Igbos Will Suffer If I Truly Loose 2023 Presidential Race- Bola Tinubu Blows Hot

The National leader of the All Progressive Congress(APC), on Tuesday, said, jokingly ‘If he loses the chance of being the president 2023 in the forthcoming election, the Igbos will suffer.

He made this statement, while officially announced his campaign in Lagos, urging the Southeast and Southwest to vote for him comes 2023.

However, promise to make the land of the Southeast, a land of milk and honey, if he becomes the President of Nigeria 2023.

While speaking further, he said, “I have seen where need to be fixed in the Southeast that we made the agitation for Biafra to be a thing of the past and a great region in Nigeria.”

No doubt, If I didn’t win, Igbos may likely suffered.”

He also added,

“The Southeast regime has failed us mainly on the party to win in their various states, except Imo State, where APC has been ruling since Okorocha administration.”

Meanwhile, Some Nigerians, in a swift reaction, called on;

“Tinubu should on its own political ambition and leave the Biafrans citizens alone. We’re Biafrans not from the zoo country called Nigeria.

“Government has failed since President Muhammadu Buhari become the President of this zoo country called Nigeria, We are no longer citizens of this country Nigeria, but, The Republic of Biafra.”



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