I’m proud to commit $40.9M in USDOT funding-says, Donald Trump

Trump renewed confidence on viable Covid-19 vaccine ready on October

The United States President, Donald Trump, said, investing in a transit project in American Cities, especially, a city like Wisconsin.

President Trump, said, “I’m proud to commit $40.9M in USDOT funding to Milwaukee’s East-West Bus Rapid Transit project. Bringing modern transit to the region’s most critical corridor and spur millions in economic development. Love Wisconsin!”

He, however, said Wisconsin is a midwestern the U.S. state with coastlines on 2 Great Lakes and an interior of forests and farms. Milwaukee, the largest city, is known for the Milwaukee Public Museum, with its numerous re-created international villages, and the Harley-Davidson Museum, displaying classic motorcycles. Several beer companies are based in Milwaukee, and many offer brewery tours.

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