Internet Fraudsters Popularly Known As Yahoo! Yahoo!! Boys Pray for Hushpuppi- Give reasons

It was a very sober reflection among the internet fraudsters who were seen around the Lagos environs discussing and talking about the current arrest of Hushpuppi who they described as one of the role models in their business and line of engagement.

Both the social media and other entertainment bodies we are thrown into a panic when the news of the arrest by Interpol in collaboration with the FBI stormed the hotel base of the popular flamboyant Hushpuppi.

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It is therefore not knowing what will become of the feet of this flamboyant Gucci brand lover as the American government is not ready to leave any stone unturned in respect to making sure that they get to the root of the matter and the reason why he was able to scan them of the 150 million dollars meant for COVID-19 and ventilator purchase.

The hospital is actually in trouble let us pray for him because he is one of us this was what one of the syndicates who simply identified himself as catch the man.

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