Let’s Stop an Erratic and Autocratic Leader From Making Our Country a Banana Republic

The Democrats Party in America has come out so hard on Donald Trump the president of the United States of America over his behavior and actions which they believe poses an existential threat to a democratic experiment that became the envy of most countries in the world for more than two hundred years.

It is now very doubtful if the intentions of our founding fathers of the United States, who sat for days in Philadelphia in 1776, trying to figure out how to build a country where officeholders are elected and subsequently subjected to periodic elections, ever imagined that there would be a time that the occupant of the White House which represent the most powerful office in the United States of America will be so erratic and unconventional to circumvent all known norms of decency and traditions that bound the country together for centuries.

It was never in their thoughts that democratic institutions and structures that had long proved to be a stonewall against autocracy would be so weak in the face of a demagogic, racist, and unpretentious leader.

However, this is what is currently playing out in the United States, where the President, Donald Trump has become so irrational, doing things that were hitherto unthinkable of the leader of the free world and getting away with it. For those of us who are more than casual observers of America’s democratic and it’s inimitable features, I was not particularly disposed to the emergence of Trump at the White House.

Even though the media and the opposition Democratic Party have tried in the past three years to hold him accountable, his party, the Republicans, have largely kept quiet or have been openly supportive of what many believed to be actions that are clearly inimical to the very foundation of America’s democracy.

The way the president conducted himself during the campaign; the way he was abusing his opponents and the racist and sexist remarks that characterized his major events, I knew ab initio that he would be one of the worst presidents that the country has ever seen.

I told my friends in New York in 2015 that if by chance Trump becomes the president, the American democratic brand will be so destroyed that it would take years for it to be regenerated.

Though I am not totally surprised by the way things turned out under the Trump presidency, I had thought that the system had a solid rock shock absorber, or if you like, check and balances, to stop an erratic and autocratic leader from making the country a banana republic.

Yes, a banana republic, that is what might likely be the end result of where Trump is pushing the country if the Republicans and the electorate do not stand up and push him out of the White House in November.

And the danger here is that none of the leading members of his party, Republican, has been willing to challenge him in any way except perhaps Senator Mitt Romney.

History has shown that the easiest way for authoritarianism and dictatorship to flourish is for viable institutions to be cowed while people who are supposed to speak out stand aloof.

In this case, the Republican Party, the party of Abraham Lincoln, and just recently, that of Ronald Reagan, has been turned to the party of Trump.

Trump’s domination of the party is such that the majority of the members will never see anything wrong with what he does or say. The evangelical Christians and Bible Belts see him as a messiah and they have in turn been compensated with the appointment of conservative judges.

Since it’s unlikely that Trump will change to a better and pragmatic president, the American people will have to decide his future in November. I don’t think the American people and the world can afford another four years of this unstable mind.

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Every notable agreement signed by his predecessor, Obama, meant to make the world a better and safer place, have been canceled. Just a few days ago, Trump pulled the United States out of the World Health Organisation (WHO), in the midst of a devastating global pandemic.

But thank goodness that the Democrats and well-meaning Americans are coalescing behind former Vice-President Joe Biden for the next election.

It should be a payback time for those who shut their eyes while the most corrupt, inept and debauch president in modern American history desecrate the constitution.

Rather than unite the nation by providing the needed leadership, Trump had instead and predictably, been inflaming division and even threatening to use the military against peaceful marchers who were protesting the brutal and mindless killing, something that was unheard of in a country where protest is an integral part of the democratic process.

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