New Lockdown: Schools, Churches, Markets, Airports, Should Immediately Closed Down

Recall, the Federal government of Nigeria initially ordered the closure of the country’s economy and many sectors in the country such as schools, religious gatherings, financial institutions, interstate movements, markets, airports, clubs, and so on when the country’s coronavirus cases stated increasing. This was done so as to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus disease, the Federal government eventually relaxed the ban placed on those sectors mentioned above remaining the ban on School reopening.

The decision of gradual easing of lockdown that was taken by the federal government has proven abortive it has led to a significant increase in coronavirus cases in Nigeria.

Although the Federal government should not be blamed for easing the lockdown, because it was what the citizens of Nigeria asked for so the government had to obey the principles of democracy.

Ever since President Mohammadu Buhari approved the first and second phase of gradual easing of lockdown coronavirus cases in Nigeria have been multiplying relentlessly. The country now has over 30,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and over 600 deaths.

However, the country is facing a terrible situation as the coronavirus disease continues to spread widely. Due to this, the Federal government is looking at imposing another lockdown so as to help curtail the rate at which coronavirus spreads and to also save the lives of citizens.

In my opinion, Since there’s no cure for coronavirus yet, the only way we can get out of this critical coronavirus situation is by going on another lockdown immediately. The Federal government should other the closure of those sectors that were earlier reopened with immediate effect. Movements should be restricted to only the conveyance of essential commodities until the virus disappears.

If the Federal government could consider another nationwide lockdown with immediate effect, the spread of the deadly disease in the country will continue to reduce until it disappears.

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