Nigeria is too large for one leader to control, Finance Minister blows hot

The Finance Minister, Mrs. Zainab Shamsuna Ahmed reportedly reacted to the present population of Nigeria which she described as ‘too large’ to be control by only one leader.

The Nigerian accountant, who also occupies the office of the Finance ministry remarked after she spoke concerning the pending recession predicted to befall that was about to the nation amidst Coronavirus pandemic.

she disclosed this in the course of the press conference in Abuja, noting that the Nigerian population is just too massive and it is above the country’s anticipation to handle.

Zainab also stated that the residents may assist in buying and selling the made in Nigeria commodities as it may assist in the large growth of the Nigerian Financial system.

While speaking further, she moreover said that the COVID19 pandemic has transpired in the complete shutdown of businesses in Nigeria and also which have had an effect on the countries economic system.

During her statement, the finance minister additionally recounts that the nation might experience a recession any moment from now.

In accordance with wordometre, Nigeria is presently over 200,963,599.

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