Our oil of today may not be our oil of tomorrow. China already had a forecast that by the year 2030, 80% of its crude oil supply will be imported. Therefore, they have been gradually investing in Nigeria’s petroleum industry. As of 2019, Chinese investment in the Nigerian oil sector has reached $16bn.

Meanwhile, they are quickly lending money to the States and the Federal government of Nigeria as they await the day when the landlord will become the begging tenant!

In all of these, OPEC has reported that within the last 5 years Nigeria has earned $206bn from oil revenue. Ask yourself why we have also lost billions in the oil sectors within that period. Within the ugly scenario, Buhari is both President and Minister for Petroleum!

With such earning, Nigeria ought to have steady electricity without noise. Today, even Aso Rock is using generators to power electricity in the 21st century! While we continue to import generators from China, they have jumped that level many years ago. By the end of this year, China will be using an artificial moon to power its street lights. Scream as you wish!

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Instead, Nigeria has borrowed up to N23 trillions now and they continue this cancerous malady under rtd Maj-Gen MBuhari unabated.

Rotimi Amaechi the current Minister of Transport publicly said that politicians are stealing because sheepish Nigerians have refused to stone them. What a sincere and brotherly challenge!

When you hear that Ministers and EFCC are looting, it is simply because Nigeria is presently not being governed. No checks and balances. They know Buhari’s weak mental capacity and managerial deficiency. Insecurity is continuing because security chiefs are heavily paid to suppress the voices of the people.

Buhari appointed certain persons in the security section to protect him from coup; not to secure or protect ‘crazy’ Nigerians. Kai, I dey craze?

Apart from the tweeting of Garba Shehu and the fancy vexations of Femi Adesina about how Buhari condemns the killings, how many times has Buhari come out to address us as we die in our hundreds? Even his Katsina state is in romance with blood spilled from the machetes and gun barrels of terrorists.

Once upon a time, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe depended heavily on his military forces because of the huge amount of money he gave to them to suppress the people and rig elections for him. Were 58 persons not killed mostly by security agents in the sham 2019 elections for this Buhari to continue in office?

Well, it got to a point where the soldiers of Zimbabwe could take it no more. Their consciences failed them. The suffering of their people and Mugabe’s scheme to install his wife as his successor infuriated the soldiers and, once and for all, they said a resounding NO!!


Now 356 Nigerian soldiers are complaining and resigning from the army. I never heard that since I was born. Their morale is very weak. What Nigeria is suffering today is not up to 3% of the reason why Buhari and his gang overthrew the democratic government of Shagari in 1984.

The borrowing is continuing because federal legislators and the executives must continue to maintain their luxurious lifestyles. They receive in millions even when they are on recess; while children go to bed hungry and wake up in the morning to beg.

In the midst of COVID-19 when crime became less, your state governor has been receiving huge security votes when there was really nothing serious to secure. They even rigged COVID-19 results.
You will not ask questions because some persons are politically sponsored from the top to campaign for the dissolution of Nigeria so that the people cannot cooperate to fight the government. Distractions. Time will tell.
Politicians are at work.

We have less than 5,000 persons in government and some persons are telling you that 200 million people should run away for 5,000! Should we die as cowards for our children to spit on our graves?

Apart from those in government and few private persons, who are not being oppressed in Nigeria today? All of us; home and abroad! Is this a government? No! A simple set of petty thieves who ganged up to truncate national destiny and spirit our commonwealth. Nobody deserves to be in prisons if these thievery and visionless politicians are walking free.

Do not ask me why the media did not publish the latest SUVs received by the legislators. They equally receive their cuts to remain silent on some issues. When the media announced that 150 youths from Edo state were arrested in 2019 on their way to cause havoc in the Akwa-Ibom elections, they confessed Kabaka and Oshiomole as their sponsors. When they were secretly released, did the media announce it?

Something happened last week which many persons did not observe. Immediately the video of the legislators’ new vehicles was leaked, we published it on youtube. The vehicles were discharged mostly at night. That is the same way the Nigerian army buys coffins from the Niger Republic and brings them into Borno state at night to bury our soldiers who fell under Boko haram.

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Back to the video of the Legislators’ SUVs. They quickly took that same video, removed the Nigerian voices and that of a person speaking Hausa in the background, and replaced it with a female voice who was saying that the vehicles were imported by the President of Ghana for his re-election campaign. Hurray! They have been swinging your brains like a pendulum!

They wanted to cause confusion with the video so that the controversies will make you doubt if the SUVs belong to Nigerian legislators.

Instead, they prefer to cause trouble in Ghana because they destroyed our embassy. The shopping for such expensive vehicles will not happen in Ghana. They are far better than that. I have attached both videos here for comparison.

As they borrow in our name to finance our entire 2020 budgets, the stealing in government today is a mad rush to make Nigerians poorer per second each day.

Alas! There is an urgent need to take action!!!

All the legislators involved in the looting are from the same local government with you that wants Nigeria to break. Tomorrow will be worse if you are still being distracted by the antics of your oppressors.
The criminal looting going on in NDDC is Niger deltas against Niger delta. Household enemies. Or will you blame the British or Fulani too?

Remember that they are integrating over 600 terrorists in July 2020 so that some of them will have the opportunity to join the police force. They wanted the period of the recruit to match with the integration of the terrorists. Meanwhile, Omoyele Sowore who called for a peaceful protest revolution for a better Nigeria cannot move beyond Abuja! The government hates whoever will open your eyes to see the face of your oppressors.

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Fellow countrymen and women, our oil will dry up soon. The world is going green beyond petroleum. Lenders will come calling. People are already selling babies to survive from Ogun to Rivers, Ondo, and Calabar.

Very soon we shall become too hungry and our bones too weak to fight for our collective rights.
Now that we still have some energy left, we must act before Somalia mocks us silly!

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