Nnamdi Kanu blasts presidency over zoo agenda brought upon by British

The Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB), leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has once again come out to criticize the one Nigeria agenda brought upon us by the British people.

We have existed for more than 100 years from all indication you can see that the one Nigeria agenda is an illusion that cannot be realized with the continued leadership of this Fulani caliphate.

Ourselves time without number and made it known to all that care to listen we are not the same as the Hausas and the Fulanis they are different from our ways of life and can not be encouraged to continue to study the helms of affairs of the country if we must remain.

From my own point of view, Nigeria cannot remain one Biafra has come to stay and Biafra must be actualized it is our dream is that I believe it is our religion Chukwu Abiama is the one that we are calling upon and he has given us the light to work with and that light will direct us to the promised land which is Biafra a land of hope filled with all good things that God has offered his children.
So many people have been writing on social media that I am dead.

I cannot die now because I have an unfinished task with my God and that is the liberation of my people taking time to the promised land which God has already given to them.

I advise all those who are going about writing all sorts of things on-air that I died of COVID-19 in Italy.

I am a holy man I don’t go to places that are dirty Rome is known for its getting lifestyle which does not suit my ways as a child of Chukwu Abiama the creator of heaven and earth he knows my beginning and only him knows the day I will end but my end will not come now not until I have liberated my people just as Moses, Joshua and the rest did to the children of Israel.

I know those paying people to do this the teacher morons like Lai Mohammed your name speaks volumes as an outrageous liar a man who does not have conscience the lies and everything without minding the consequences of lies.

Yours follow Femi Adesina is not left out of this let me sound a warning to all of you carrying this rumor you will die before your time.

I made a very serious comment on the death of Muhammadu Buhari with enough evidence to back it up up-to-date none of you has come out in the public to make any counter accusation on this said matter.

My illustration on the last most broke by your key player in the drama at Aso Rock Jibril-AlSaudan is enough for you to know that I have concrete information right from your kitchen.

But one thing is clear you will be there to see that I will actualize the dreams of the Biafran people before your very eyes and the shame would be on all of you going around with this sarcastic rumor off your deaths which is not mine.

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