Nnamdi Kanu react over the nine suspected IPOB members arrested in Delta

Nnamdi Kanu continued to battle for relevance as claims proven to be false

The Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB), leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has reacted to the recent arrest of some IPOB members in delta state.

Nnamdi Kanu said, he has warned the government of Delta state to release those IPOB members that were arrested because he insists that IPOB do not have any camp or training, and it anyway not even in any part of Nigeria.

According to him, in a very sweet reaction to the IPOB faithful, he said, “I will stop at nothing to make sure those arrested will be released because he said that if they fail to come to our rescue we have no option than to defend ourselves through any means we believe is right.

The Fulani herdsmen are moving around the whole country with AK-47 rifles and nobody questions then we are only trying to defend our territory because they coming to rape or sisters are wise and slaughter our Men at night how do we resist these men if we don’t guide our territory?

“They can’t stop us because we have every machinery in place should go and ask other governors to stop the activities of IPOB how it’s all ended with them.

“This is a time that all IPOB members must come together for us to make sure that will stop the activities of these clowns room I see that do not have the interest of our people at heart let us not forget the fact that Biafra is our religion and we cannot stop fighting for our freedom,” said Nnamdi Kanu.

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