Obama should be prosecuted for selling out Americans: Donald Trump

Obama destroyed five African countries that is why I love Trump-MNK

The Presidents of the United States of America(USA), Donald Trump, has once again labeled his former presidents Barack Obama and demands that he should be prosecuted for selling out America to the Arab and Asian world.

Speaking on one of his live interviews with FOX TV, Donald Trump has called on all well-meaning Americans to beware of Barack Obama’s home he has described as a devil’s incarnate a replica of evil and a man with no conscience and here for God and humanity.

He said;

“We cannot keep friends with our enemies because from the influx of the virus into our country it is now certain that it was Barack Obama that sold Nigeria America house to those enemies of the world you can also understand from this point that we are facing a lot of challenges based on the estimated plans by the Democrats headed by Barack Obama in the last dispensation.”

I am therefore calling America to join in the fight for us to make sure that Barack Obama with face prosecution based on his connections with those enemies of America he concludes.

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