Okorocha blasts Northern Governors over return of almajiri

Former Imo state governor Rochas Okorocha has accused northern governors of restricting the use of almajiri system in their states.

Okorocha disclosed this in an interview with BBC News in which he said that if you look at the origins of Almahiri since the time of the Prophet S.A.W.

He said improving his case was appropriate and should not be seen in the state. He said because if they go to their own states, they will do the same, and he is calling on the Governments to work together to help the children get better.

“Most of the major Nigerians have become disciples, so we should put together those whom God has entrusted to us to help these children achieve their education,” he said.

Rochas added that “in my view these children are not their fault, because they were created by God to come home and be brought to school and they are begging for something to eat. So help them be dispersed.”¬†Helping them is what they need not to destroy their future life.

He said, “Our prominent people should help them so that we do not know who will be president between them. I want you to know that Almajiri and discipleship is what Islam says and that Almajiri is not a name, it is an seeking for education in islam.

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