Opinion: Asari Dokubo berate Wike’s flyover construction project and FG fight against corruption

Speaking with news men in his home in Rivers state, Asari Dokubo raised two fundamental questions on misplaced priority in Rivers State and the corruption in the NDDC and Ministry of Humanitarian and Disaster Management.

They are as follow:

Asari Dokubu blasted Governor Wike for his misplaced priority on the four flyover construction. Asari stated that the multiple construction of flyover in Obio Akpor is a political waste of resources. For him, Governor Wike should have focused on job creation. Job creation is what is desired presently by the people of the state.

In similar vein, on the issue of corruption in the NDDC. Asari Dokubu discountenanced the idea that the people of the Niger Delta are the problems of the Niger Delta.

He accused Buhari of a master plan to deny Niger Deltans development because he hand picked incompetent people to head agencies of the Niger Delta.

According to him, a wide consultation with the people of the Niger Delta would have suffice to remedy the situation of the region from the humongous corruption.

Furthermore, Asari Dokubu berated the Ministry of Humanitarian Disaster for claiming all Nigerians received palliatives from the Federal Government during the heydays of COVID 19.

Does Asari Dokubu have Moral Justification to Critic Wike and FGN?

Given the foregoing criticism, the pertinent question of this article becomes whether Asari Dokubu has the moral right and justification to critic Wike and FGN?

1) On the issue of Job Creation: Asari Dokubu has a functional University in Benin Republic if sited in the Kalabari region would have created massive jobs in the state.

2) Asari Dokubu do not have a single known investment in Rivers State. He is one of the Militant that have so benefited from the water way contracts and protection of oil facility. Yet with all the whooping billions accrued to him he does not have a single project or business project in Rivers state.

3) On the issue of corruption in the NDDC and Ministry of Humanitarian and Disaster Management, he might be right but saying that the ” North should bring their own criminals before crucifying criminals in the Niger Delta is totally unnecessary”

In conclusion, we call on the media to stop giving Asari Dokubu media attention because he is part of the problem of Nigeria and the Niger Delta.

Source: Nigerian Info 92.3 FM

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