OPINION: Neither Kanu Nor Asari Dokubo Speaks For Any Tribe or Ethnic Group

OPINION: Neither Kanu Nor Asari Dokubo Speaks For Any Tribe or Ethnic Group

I have seen the exchange of verbal and social media firepower between Kanu and Asari. The Umuahia man released some shots at Asari as a response to the same from the latter. This tirade has been on for months, with online supporters of both “media” warlords pelting one another with insult online.

OPINION: Neither Kanu Nor Asari Dokubo Speaks For Any Tribe or Ethnic Group

But what none of the self-styled, deprave usurpers of the stakeholdership of their tribes and region fail to understand is that they speak for themselves, not the people. Kanu hails from Isiama Afaraukwu-Ibeku in Umuahia, Abia State. His community is an affiliate of a local government area (LGA) that receives an allocation from the Federal Government of Nigeria. There are lawmakers in Abia State; there are government appointees from his community, and there are chiefs under the payroll of the Government of Abia State and the FGN.

Furthermore, Isiama Afaraukwu-Ibeku and the entire Abia State participate in elections, which means they believe in one Nigeria. The demonstration of Abia State’s love for the unity of Nigeria can be gleaned from their membership of the Federal House of Representatives and the Nigeria Senate. Are there not House of Reps members and senators from Abia State as I write? If the assertion above is indubitable, then can any reasonable person tell us what Kanu is fighting for? Can anyone tell me whose interest Kanu represents? By the way, was that not why the ECOWAS\ Court in a recent judgment denied the pronounced forehead, with defective pigmentation, mandate to speak for the real indigenous people?

Today, Gani Adams is the leader of the struggle for the actualization of Oduduwa Republic by dint of a Summit that had the imprimatur of Yoruba political and traditional stakeholders. Whether the Summit was a charade or not is another kettle of fish. What is clearly crucial is the fact that his emergence is known. But can anyone tell me when and how the blabbermouth from Umuahia became the leader of his cult group? How can Kanu speak for anyone without Power of Attorney? I don’t know why criminals are always this tactless and despicably senseless! Indeed half education is worse than illiteracy.

Kanu, a persona non grata wants to speak for a people without a summit, participation in the election, or traditional power. He must be a drifter on a freeway to jeopardy. Like the obstinate Ojukwu who didn’t know that wars are fought on the basis of a strong alliance, like the money- and power-monger called Nnamdi Kanu.

Sadly, I see both the late Odumegwu and Kanu as two persons that undermine the power of stakeholders in any course. The late Ojukwu had the chance to leverage on the superior experience of Pa Nnamdi Azikiwe, but his love for power and the eulogy of those following him made him choose emotions in lieu of strategy. Kanu’s case is even worse because he has not done any consultation in any of the numerous tribes that dot the South-East and South-South. Thus, Kanu’s social media noise can be dismissed with a sleight of the hand. Whoever wants to speak for a people should do so by either contesting election or traditional coronation. Kanu is not known to any of the realms for the acquisition of mandate. He is therefore a usurper worthy of punishment. I am done with Kanu. Over to Asari Dokubo.

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Mujahid Asari Dokubo is one of the warriors in Ijaw, but there was never a real or imagined time when the Ijaw tribe, my own beloved tribe, came together at a Summit for representation power to devolve to anyone. The Ijaw in Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, and the Ondo States have their traditional and political stakeholders on whom the power of representation rests. Consequently, Mujahid Asari Dokubo is a leader to his own followers, as well as a strong force in the region, but he clearly overreaches himself whenever he claims to hold brief for the Ijaw and Niger Delta Region.

Let it be known to all and sundry that the Ijaw have monarchs, chiefs, governors, municipal, state, and federal lawmakers, political appointees, youth associations, men’s associations, and women’s associations that speak for the people. Our dear Asari, as one of the front lines of the struggle for the emancipation of the Niger Delta Region, is, at best, a spokesperson at the level of his unit of operation. Nothing more, nothing less. Even the seemingly invincible protagonist in struggle becomes easy to pick without the viva of stakeholders.

The synopsis of this piece is that neither Kanu nor Asari speaks for any tribe. They are pursuing personal agendas, which makes their tirade and tantrum personal and of no effect. Their war of words means nothing to those of us in the South-South and South-East. It is a war of attrition that lacks the thrust to make us lose sleep. Let them fight while we strive to rejig our political system. Those who claim they know what our region needs cannot tell us why we still have functional politics in our region. Kanu’s level of ignorance is infectious, for he fails to understand that the presence of functional politics in any region will always make politicians true leaders with a mandate to speak for the people.

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