OPINION: Nnamdi Kanu Is Doing More Harm To Igbos

OPINION: Neither Kanu Nor Asari Dokubo Speaks For Any Tribe or Ethnic Group

The real problem the Igbo man have today is not Nigeria, it is one of their own called Nnamdi Kanu. We have marauding herdsmen in every part of Nigeria, but no part of Nigeria is a conquered territory, which means that the pockets of killings in Nigeria are caused by our compromised governors and leaders. No part of Nigeria can be conquered. The same Igbo that contained Nigeria for three years (1967-70) can defend their land, if their leaders are serious.

I am worried that the Igbo still feign ignorance of the real source of destructive carnage in their region. Truth is, even some northern leaders – Yankassai and others of his ilk – prognosticate a bleak future for Nigeria. Some enlightened northerners are not at home with the mismanagement of our national diversity.

But it seems the real challenge we down South have is internal. Our local and state governments receive allocations that are not judiciously used. Perhaps the money is not enough, but a state like Abia can not be as dirty and unhygienic to human health as it is in the face of billions the state receives on monthly basis. I develop goose-bumps each time my journey takes me through Aba. The repugnant stench from Aba environs can cause forced abortion.

Regarding the decadence in the Igbo man’s moral fibre, I blame Nnamdi Kanu and his coterie of misguided and disgruntled co-travelers, for they have shown the youths the path that leads to Golgotha.

I blame Igbo leaders, political and traditional, for the height of immorality that has saturated the length and bredth of Igbo land in the cloak of agitation for Biafra. As much as everyone is free to agitate for systemic change in Nigeria, I put it to the Igbo stakeholders that no one is at liberty to misguide the youths and collapse the bridge that connects the South-East and South-South.

Whether anyone agrees or not, Kanu and his online flies that buzz uncontrollably have done irreparable damage to the unity of the diverse nationalities in the contiguous Niger Delta Region and the East.

Even the proverbial Biafra has become a poisoned chalice because of pejorative words emanating from stinking mouth of misadventurer.

The runway self-styled freedom fighter calls those of us in Niger Delta pipeline contractors; he calls every pastor in Nigeria evil; and lately he has asked that the President-General of Ohanaeze, Chief Nnia Nwodo, be stoned. Is Kanu not worse than the people he is condemning? Is the man from a very small community in Umuahia not behaving like a tyrant? You know that Kanu is always quick to condemn Nigeria, but let us just imagine someone like him as President of Nigeria. He will exterminate everyone that disagrees with him, which makes him potentially worse than anyone in government in Nigeria.

The order that Nnia Nwodo be stoned reveals two things: 1) that an Igbo man can harbour such evil thought against his own brother 2) that some Igbo are the real oppressors of the Igbo man in Nigeria. It bewilders me to note that a human can be so jealous of his brother to the extent of asking that he be stoned to death.

This is evil in every sense, and this is not the first, These ugly incidents are not caused by external factors: they are the handiworks of the enemy within.

Nigeria may not have treated the Igbo as much as they deserve, but the Igbo man that orders for the head of his own brother hates the Igbo more. This is the bitter truth. The Igbo man has proved that he is unpatriotic to his fatherland; otherwise, would he be beautifying Kano, Kaduna, and Lagos instead of his place?

How many factories exist in Igbo land today? Yet 90% of factories in Nigeria are owned by the Igbo. Where are these factories situated? The Igbo man is eminently blessed, but this blessing is yet to translate to economic success in the East.

What is the real cause of exodus of great Igbo sons and daughters from Igbo land? Why are the stakeholders in Igbo land watching with arms akimbo while Kanu widens the division between the real Niger Delta and the East? We in Niger Delta have resolved to pursue our cause our own way. We will not mingle with any region that will erode our morality. Niger Delta youths must remain morally upright as they agitate for systemic change in Nigeria.

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