Pastor hit hard on Gov Akeredolu, calls for his immediate resignation

Pastor hit hard on Gov Akeredolu, calls for his immediate resignation

Pastor Adewole Giwa of the Awaiting The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ Ministry, has hit hard on Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State, calls for his immediate resignation.

He made this statement while calling on Akeredolu to “apologize to the people of the State or resign immediately” following the alleged misappropriation of N4.3billion by his administration.

Giwa accused Akeredolu’s administration of not being transparent with the people of Ondo State.

He claimed the sum of N4.3b was said to have been discovered in a secret account and spent within a short time by the administration of Akeredolu without the approval of the Ondo State House of Assembly.

The state lawmakers are now threatening a showdown with the governors on the money allegedly spent without being appropriated.

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Pastor Giwa said,” This is the result when a governor is running a ‘mafia government.’

“Ondo has become a mafia state under governor Akeredolu, wife and children.

“I am not surprised to read different stories surrounding N4.3 billion. Akeredolu has come to Ondo to get his own share of our collective resources.

“The most obvious reason why this is playing itself out is that the governor got to power on a platter of gold.

“I think governor Akeredolu would have made history if he resigns voluntarily to avoid being ridiculed and scorned.”

Speaking on the second term ambition of Mr. Akeredolu, Giwa said the governor had not impressed the majority people of the State.

According to the cleric, the present government has failed to maintain transparency and accountability.

“I was the first person to call on the governor to caution his wife but they abused me instead.

“I also raised the issue that they have failed to maintain transparency and accountability, they also grossed me out.

“Now, it is glaring that governor Akeredolu has failed in all ramifications.

“Anybody that tells governor Akeredolu to go for a second term does not wish him well. If you have done well, sit down and relax because your work will speak for you.

“On the contrary, Akeredolu has failed to implement policies that the people of the state can vouch for after his exit,” he stated.

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