Prophet T.B. Joshua strong declaration of prophecy for August 2020

Temitope Balogun Joshua (conceived June 12, 1963), normally alluded to as T. B. Joshua, is a Nigerian charming minister, TV minister and donor.

Prophet T.B Joshua:

By the soul of this current month finishing, your issues will end hear me here. The period of August, the offspring of God will not lament any longer, the Bible says in the book of departure 12 versus 13; And the blood will be the sign in where they houses is and when I see the blood I will disregard, the blood of God will go through your life and your family this month finishing.

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You won’t bite the dust when your greatness is going to sparkle, each detestable bolt against you is as of now reprimanded by the blood of Jesus.

Whoever is remaining against you and doesn’t need you to thrive – may they burst into flames NOW I announce!

I’m in concurrence with 20,000 individuals who have confidence today, As a Prophet of GOD,I order each shut entryway in your life to open at this moment! I see your entryway opening with the beauty of God.

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