Prophetess Mary Olubori sold her saliva to members for £1000 reveals what it works for

Saliva for £1000 to members– The founder of Rock of Salvation Apostolic Ministry(RSAM), based in London, Prophetess Mary Olubori has once again revealed the reasons why she is selling her saliva for £1000 to members and those who have an interest in it.

According to Prophetess Mary Olubori, said her saliva healed all kinds of illness be it COVID-19 or just name it, And it works.

“So in this COVID 19, A prophetess is spitting inside Water for her member’s deliverance? Or what am I hearing about Prophetess Mary Olubori ?????????”

“As for me, I desired to sell my saliva to £1000 because it works.”

London based prophetess Mary Olajuwon Iyabo Olubori sells her saliva for £1000 to her members .please ministers of God is this act biblically? Strange things are happening in London oooo”

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