‘Restructure Nigeria now, if not, agitators will gain access to split this country- Pst. Adeboye tells Buhari

“I will tell my daddy to send you to hell straight away“ – Pastor Adeboye

The Senior Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God,RCCG, Pastor, E.A.Adeboye, has once again called on the Federal Government of Nigeria, especially President Muhammadu Buhari and his Vice, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, should quickly act fast to restructure this country.

“I will tell my daddy to send you to hell straight away“ – Pastor Adeboye

“If not, the agitators in this country, will easily attract international present, which will lead to the disintegration of the Nation.”

He made this statement during today preaching on Sunday, saying, “Majority of Nigerian citizens are not happy with the situation they are at this moment.

“And if time is not taken, the country we find itselves in a jeopardy which may lead to conflict.”

According to him, “Nigeria is too big to be under one leader, who lack the understandings of the people’s plight and call on the Federal Government should ensure the country or the citizens benefits from the God-given resources.”

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He further added that, “As it stands now, the Covid-19 in Nigeria has exposed a lot corruption in the system, where money meant to assists vulnerable Nigerians and the unemployed in the country were traced by ICPC in individuals pockects without solving the needs of the people.

“The hidden agenda by government as being exposed. And the Nigerians are wise enough to understand that their leaders themselves and family.

No doubt, “if the country is being restructured peace our unity will be in the country again.”

President Muhammadu Buhari should see this opportunity to write his name in a Guinness book of record as the first President in Nigeria that signed into law the restructuring of this country.

He, however, said, “God is not happy with the situation at hand that the citizen of this country is passing through despite the free gift of nature that God has impacted this great country Nigeria.”

In the same vein, Pastor, Adeboye, call on meaningful Nigerians should pray to God, to direct our leaders right and given them wisdom to strengthen our country.

“Nigeria is a great nation, with different talents, which can bring compete with the Western world in terms of development, if the federal government do the needful.

“I pray for this nation, that God should intervene and restore peace and unit continues they will gain ground to split this country as it stands now.

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