See what a Pastor in Ukraine said about those agitating in Nigeria

See what a Pastor in Ukraine said about those agitating in Nigeria

The founder of the Embassy church in Ukraine, Pastor Sunday Adelaja has warned those agitating for secession to be careful what they are asking for. Pastor Adelaja who gave a long message on his Facebook page to commemorate Nigeria’s 60th independence pointed those who want Nigeria disintegrated into what has become of South Sudan after it separated from Sudan.

See what a Pastor in Ukraine said about those agitating in Nigeria

His message reads in part,

“As for those people who are agitating for the disintegration of Nigeria, it makes me sad. Take a peek at what is happening in South Sudan, the latest country in the world; they are worse off than when they were part of the larger Sudan because they started their own internal conflicts among themselves. A time escalating to civil war killing one another. These are the things that happen when breakaways occur.”

Recently, two main groups in the news that have been vocal about their intention to secede are the Biafra and Oduduwa, groups. Pastor Adelaja, who has a warning for these groups said,

“I want to warn those Nigerians that wish to break away that the problems you are running away from will go with you to your newly formed nation.

“Let’s say you get the Oduduwa Republic and the Biafra Republic, the same problems will remain in those same countries because the same people who are in Nigeria now are the same people who will be in the countries you’re going to build. When people don’t change their value system first nothing changes even if they change geopolitical territory a thousand times. The same people creating the problems in present-day Nigeria will be doing the same thing in the new country. Their children and descendants will keep faith with their values and lifestyle.”

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The clergyman said, breaking away is not the solution, he called on all the tribes to come together and provide their input to make Nigeria more united. He concludes his message by charging Nigerians to put their heads together and build a better country that every Nigerians will be proud of.

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